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Salher Fort

Salher is a place located near Waghamba in Satana tehsil in Nasik district of Maharashtra, India. It is the site of the highest fort in the Sahyadri mountains and the second highest peak at 1,567 metres (5,141 ft) after Kalsubai in Maharashtra and 32nd highest peak in Western Ghats. This was one of the celebrated forts of the Maratha Empire. The money acquired after raiding Surat was brought to this fort first on its way to the Maratha capital forts.

Ways To Reach :
There are two major routes available to go to the fort.
Waghambe route :
One has to reach Taharabad on the Nashik Satana Route. From Gujarat one can reach Taharabad via the Dang route. There are also S.T. and jeep services up to Waghambe via the Mulher route. As soon as one reaches the Waghambe village one can see the route leading to the ridge between Salher and Salota and the route leading to Salher. There is no water along the route and it is quite tiring too. It takes approximately 1 ½ hours to reach the fort.

We come across four entrances on this route. Along the 3rd and 4th entrances, we see around 18-20 caves excavated on the rock face. There is also an inscription on the arch of the fourth entrance. Entering through this entrance, we see the vast plain of the top of Salher.
Salherwadi route :
The village of Salherwadi is ahead of Waghambe. One can reach Salherwadi via two routes. One is Satana – Taharabad – Mulher – Salherwadi route. The route going up to the fort from Salherwadi is quite tough and tiring. On this route we cross six entrances and reach the top of the fort in around 3 hours. The route is quite prominent and there is no fear of getting lost. There is no water in this route.


पोहोचण्याच्या वाटा :
१) वाघांबे मार्गे :-
साल्हेरला जाण्यासाठी नाशिक – सटाणामार्गे ताहराबाद गाठावे. गुजरातमधून यायचे झाल्यास डांग जिल्हयातून ताहराबादला जाण्यास रस्ता आहे. ताहराबादहून मुल्हेरमार्गे वाघंबे अशी एसटी अथवा जीप सेवा देखील उपलब्ध आहे. वाघंबे गाठल्यावर गावातूनच साल्हेर-सालोटा यांच्या खिंडीतून साल्हेरला जाणारी वाट आहे. वाटेत कुठेही पाणी नसून खिंडीपर्यंत चालणारी वाटचाल दमछाक करणारी आहे. या वाटेने गडावर जाण्यासाठी साधारण अडीच तास लागतात.
या वाटेने गडावर जातांना चार दरवाजे लागतात. तिसर्‍या ते चौथ्या दरवाजाच्या दरम्यान कड्यात खोदलेल्या १८ ते २०गुहा आहेत. चौथ्या दरवाजाच्या कमानीवर एक शिलालेख आढळतो. येथून आत आल्यावर समोरच एक पठार दिसते.

२) माळदर मार्गे:-
गडावर जाण्यासाठी असलेली ही वाट फारशी वापरात नाही. ही वाट माळदर गावतूनच जाते.सटाण्याहून एसटीने माळदरला जाता येते. ही वाट साल्हेर व सालोटा यांच्या दरम्यानच्या खिंडीमधून जाते. या वाटेने गडावर जायला साधारण तीन तास लागतात.

३) साल्हेरवाडी मार्गे :-
साल्हेरवाडी हे गाव वाघंबे गावाच्या पुढे आहे. साल्हेरवाडीला दोन मार्गांनी जाता येते. एक सटाणा – ताहराबाद – मुल्हेर – साल्हेरवाडी असा आहे. साल्हेरवाडीहून गडावर जाणारी वाट दमछाक करणारी आहे. या वाटेने सहा दरवाजे पार करून सुमारे तीन तासांनी आपण गडावर पोहोचतो. वाट मळलेली असल्याने चूकण्याची शक्यता नाही. या वाटेत कुठेही पाणी नाही.


Salher Fort

November 2019

SSMMH Salher Salota Mulher Mora and Hargad Range trek

November 23 @ 8:00 am - November 24 @ 5:00 pm UTC+5.5
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Salher Fort, Salher Fort,Salher Road Maharashtra 423302 India + Google Map

Salher the highest fort in the Sahyadriand the second highest peak at 1,567 metres (5,141 ft) after Kalsubai.Lord Parshuram did his Tapascharya at Salher Fort. After winning the earth and giving it as donation, he made land for himself to live in, by pushing the sea back with his arrows, right from this place.
An ancient and historically significant place like this is also famous for its battles during the reign of Shivaji.

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