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Nakhind Maharashtra 412206 India

Nearest railway station: Vangani (78 kms from Central Railway)
Base Village: Vaghachi wadi/Bedisgaon
Height: 664 m (approx. 2178 ft) as per Google Maps.
Total Distance: 11 km
Time: 9 to 12 hours
Approx. expenses: Travelling: 160 per head & 500 for Guide till Vikatgad-Nakhind col.
Guide: Mangal Bhau (From Vaghachi wadi to Vikatgad-Nakhind col)
Best Time: November-January, Late September

  1. Bedisgaon to Vaghachi wadi plateau
  2. Vaghachi wadi to Nedhe
  3. Nedhe to Nakhind peak
  4. Nakhind-Vikatgad col to Temple
  5. Vikatgad Matheran col to NM 156

Nakhind-Peb-Matheran Range Trek


A more interesting trek to Nakhind would be to traverse the top of Nakhind from its northern end to its southern end (Peb fort hump junction) passing right in front of the hole. This is a great trek in the monsoon or in the winter. One can approach the northern end of Nakhind from Vangani station. Turning west from Vangani station, one can walk to Vangani village and from there after walking across some fields, an easy route climbs up to reach a plateau at a height of 300m. A small village is situated there. In the monsoon one passes across a few waterfalls on the way. From the village a track climbs, a bit steeply at times, up the mountain approaching the northern end of its top ridge. The track reaches the northern tip of the top ridge. It takes about three hours to climb to this point from Vangani station. From here one can start walking south for the traverse. After walking for about fifteen minutes one reaches the hole. It is a grand sight, standing in the hole, with a view of Konkan both to the east and the west. Also the wind blows extra strong in the hole. Traversing ahead from the hole leads in about fifteen minutes to a 4m high rock climb. This rocky patch cannot be climbed from the ridge end. Instead one has to go around to its east from where one can climb it. But this side is a bit exposed and it would be advisable to use ropes, particularly in the monsoon. The highest part of the climb involves a tricky exposed move around a big rock.
After negotiating the climb, the route continues south on the top ridge. One or two easy rocky patches have to be climbed initially, but after that it is a gentle ridge walk. The ridge climbs up to its highest point and descends to meet the hump near Peb fort. The route passes through forested stretches and is great fun in the monsoon with strong winds blowing. At some point the route suddenly turns left (east direction) and descends rather steeply along the east side of the mountain to lead onto the hump near Peb fort, from where one can descend to Neral. It takes about one and a half hours to reach the hump from the rock climb, and about two hours to reach Neral from the hump.


. We started for the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) at 0400 hours yesterday, caught the 0424 hours train to Khopoli and got down at Vangani station, around 100 Km away, at 0620. From there we caught a rickshaw to the village Bedisgaon, and then on walked till the base village, Vaghinichiwadi, which is located on a plateau around 4 Km uphill, reaching around 0800.

A trek to Nakhind Nedhe, the “hole in the mountain”

This Natural hole resembles as Needle’s Hole (termed by Locals) called as Nakhindi.
From here you can see 5-6 beautiful Waterfalls (similar to Jog Falls – KA) in Monsoon.
Covered through Heavy Dense forest with lots of Flora and Fauna; one can trek to Raireshwar – Nakhind – Pathsheela OR Raireshwar – Nakhind – Kudali
Nearby cities:
Coordinates: 18°2’11″N 73°38’50″E


Nice place to trek. It is a hill with steep slopes on either sides. Just below its summit is a naturally formed ‘rock-hole’ known as “Nedhe” in Marathi. A traverse till Peb fort is also possible from its top.
Nearby cities:
Coordinates: 19°3’21″N 73°16’12″E


This trek in vangani is a good trek option for all those living near vangani or in Mumbai. People can opt for this place to hangout and chill with friends. Anyone who reaches the top can find a cave like structure at the top. You can enjoy the breeze and view there.

How to reach :-
Nearest station :- vangani
Base village :- besidgaon
*Rickshaw from station to besidgaon will cost around ₹15-₹20*

You won’t find water at the top.

Nearby places :-
Prabhalgad, kalavantin, peb fort.

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