Kaldurg Fort

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Kaldurg Fort

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Kaldurg Fort
Chahade, Maharashtra 401404 India

काळदुर्ग (Kaldurg)

पोहोचण्याच्या वाटा :
वाघोबा खिंड मार्गे :-
मुंबईहून विरारमार्गे पालघर गाठावे. अथवा कल्याणहून एसटीने पालघरला जावे. पालघरहून मनोरेला जाणारी बसने ८ कि.मी. वरील ’वाघोबा’ नावाच्या देवळाच्या (’वाघोबा खिंड”) थांब्यावर उतरावे. येथूनच गडावर जाण्याची वाट फुटते. या ’वाघोबा’ देवळाच्या उजवीकडे जाणार्‍या वाटेने आपण गडावर पोहोचू शकतो. ’हातपंप’ ही खूण लक्षात ठेवणे. हातपंपच्या समोरुन वर जाणारी वाट पकडावी. ही वाट पुढे तीन भागांत विभागली जाते. डाव्या व उजव्या बाजूची वाट सोडून द्यावी, सरळ वर जाणार्‍या वाटेने काळदुर्ग गाठता येतो.


This Kaldurga fort is hill type fort and is located in the Thane District. The height of this fort is about 1550 feet. The fort range is Palghar and grade is medium. This Palghar range contains many hill forts and Kaldurg is one of them. The fort is lies on the border of the Jawhar and Thane. All Mumbaikars enjoy this Palghar range as it is near to the Mumbai. There is no facility of food so one has carry food. There is no problem of water as water is available throughout the year. You have to require minimum two and half hour to reach on the top of the fort from Waghoba Khind.

Attracting points are:

The top of the fort is just like rectangular. Actually the top of this fort is nothing but a one rectangular rock. Due to this rectangular shape of fort one can easily locate it from a distance. There is no sign which states that this is a fort. There is large number of forest trees on the fort so healthy population of tribes is on the fort. But standard of living is poor. Also there is a one tank and cistern is available on the top the fort. The fort is divided due to this rectangular rock as fort above the rock and fort below the rock. There are two to three steps which separate these two parts.

Route to reach there:

One can reach at Kaldurg fort from Mumbai. For that first go to Mumbai then from Virar there are lots of buses are available which goes to the Palghar. Also there are buses from the Kalyan. If you reach at Palghar then catch bus which goes towards Manore and then get down at the Waghoba temple. The right way of the temple directly goes towards fort.


Ways To Reach :
By Waghoba KHIND:
From Mumbai one can reach Palghar via Virar or ST service is available from Kalyan to Palghar. Taking ST to Manore, we get down at Waghoba temple. The small way to the right of the temple takes us to the fort. We can recognize this route by a hand-pump at the start. It lies exactly ahead of the pump. Moving ahead it divides into three ways. Leaving left and right we take the central one.


Chahade, Maharashtra 401404





Kaldurg Fort
Kaldurg Fort
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