Ankai Tankai Fort

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Ankai Tankai Fort

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Fort Ankai Maharashtra 423104 India

Tankai fort is a hill, part of the Satmala Range, with the ruins of a large Maratha hill fort on the peak.With Ankai Fort near this fort are known as ANKAI-TANKAI, the strongest hill fort in the Nashik district, rises about 900 feet above the plain and 3200 feet above the sea


Ankai Fort अंकाई / अणकाई is a historic site found in the Satmala Range hills in western India. It is located in Yeola Taluka of Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra. Geographically, it is near Manmad. The Ankai fort and Tankai fort are two different forts on adjacent hills.

Ways To Reach :
Manmad Junction is connected by road and by train all the cities. Manmad is on the Aurangabad road, 10km from Ankai village, from Manmad. From the village school to the base of the fort, there is a private escape. ST going towards Manmadahun Yeola, Aurangabad, can be reached at the foot of Akkai village and goes to the base of the fort with a speed of 1 km.
Ankai fort is a railway station. But only the passenger stop here. This station is nonsuch because it is 2 km from the fort.


पोहोचण्याच्या वाटा :
मनमाड जंक्शन रस्त्याने आणि रेल्वेने सर्व शहरांशी जोडलेल आहे. मनमाड औरंगाबाद रस्त्यावर मनमाड पासुन १० किमीवर अंकाई गाव आहे. गावातील शाळेजवळुन किल्ल्याच्या पायथ्या पर्यंत खाजगी वाहानाने जाता येते. मनमाडहुन येवला, औरंगाबाद दिशेकडे जाणार्‍या एसटीने अंकाई गावाच्या फाट्यावर उतरुन १ किमी चालत किल्ल्याच्या पायथ्यापर्यंत जाता येते.
अंकाई किल्ला हे रेल्वे स्टेशन आहे. पण इथे केवळ पॅसेंजर थांबतात. हे स्टेशन किल्ल्यापासुन २ किमीवर असल्याने गैरसोइच आहे.

Ankai Tankai Fort
Ankai Fort
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