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Ajobagad Fort – This fort is of mountain type. This fort is located in Thane district and is of medium difficulty

Aaja Parvat, Maharashtra 421601

Ways To Reach :
Kasara-Ghoti-Rajur-Kumshet :
To reach the top of the fort one should follow the route of Kasara-Ghoti-Rajur-Kumshet.
From Asangaon :
One should board the train to Kasara and alight at Asangaon station. From Asangaon, board the S.T bus to Shahapur and from there we can reach the village of ‘Dehne’ by bus or jeep. From Dehne, a sole pathway leads to a small plateau, from which 3 ways branch:
a) One way is used by bullock carts and goes to the plateau where the ashram is situated.
b) The second goes through ‘Katrabai’s ‘ valley and joins ‘Kumshet’ village
c) Third way goes through the forest.
Kalyan-Murbad-Malshej-Dolkhamb :
Kalyan-Murbad-Malshej-Dolkhamb is another route


पोहोचण्याच्या वाटा :
१) कल्याण – आसनगाव ( लोकल ट्रेनने ३५ मिनीटे ) -(रिक्षा/बसने ३ कि.मी) शहापूर -(बसने ३० कि.मी.) डोळ्खांब – (जीपने १२ कि.मी.) -देहेणे.
देहेणेहून वाल्मिकी ऋषींच्या आश्रमापर्यंत जाण्यासाठी १ ते १.५ तास लाग. तिथून सीतेच्या पाळ्ण्या पर्यंत जाण्यासाठी १ ते १.५ तास लाग.

२) कल्याण – मुरबाड – माळशेज – डोळखांब या मार्गाने:-
कल्याण – मुरबाड – माळशेज – डोळखांब या मार्गाने सुद्धा देहेणे गावी पोहोचता येते.

३) कसारा – घोटी – राजूर – कुमशेत मार्गे:-
गडाचा माथा पहाण्यासाठी कसारा – घोटी – राजूर – कुमशेत मार्गे जाता येते.


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