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  2. Trek leaders Whatsapp me or message me on  facebook after registering on the site .You will not be able to post without activation /approval.
  3. How to see your old events and edit them

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  1. After activation from us ,You will see two options on the black bar on the top


If you click mumbaihikers on the left top you will get dashboard which will take you to your dashbard to see all your event you posted

There are 2 ways to add events .


A Click events>add event

Click New > Event  (do not click new post)

Adding Details 

 Step 1  Fill in the Title . 

A For single event which is going to happen only once 

Title will be [Group Name] trek to [Location] [date] . Travel Trikon Trek to lohagad 15th august 2019

B For recurring event which is going to happen many time [weekly] [monthly] [different dates in the future]

Title will be [Group Name] trek to [Location] . Travel Trikon Trek to lohagad

Step 2  Fill in the description

you can copy paste it from anywhere you have made the description

Step 3 Add Tags on the left .

Add your group name press add .

Add your location (visapur fort )  press add.

. On the left enter the tags . Only mains tags group name , location

Step 4 Add Event Categories . 

Only add a check mark for the destination (visapur fort) . Forts > visapur fort (for example )


Do Not check any item under event option  (this would get you banned from the site . )

  • Do not check “Hide from event listings”
  • Do not check “Sticky in month view”
  • Do not check “Featured Event”

These options are for a single groups site . like your own site . not a community site like mumbai hikers.


Step 5 . Click Set featured Image .

A. You will get a new window. .

B. Click Upload Files .

C. Click Select Files and choose an image from your computer


D. Your image will have a blue check mark . Click the blue button on the bottom “set featured image”

Upload Featured image for your event on the left bottom .

do not put any image in the description of the event . only featured image

Step 6 Add Date of the event

[Start date][time] to [end date] [time]

click in each box to get the calendar


Adding Recurring events.

[weekly,monthly,different dates(once)]

You do not need to make seperate events if your events are going to happen weekly ,monthly,specific dates

If it is a recurring event (same event happening every monday for example) click the box next to event series (schedule multiple events)

  1. How to add weekly recurring events(click the link to see the instructions)
  2. How to add an event happening on different dates (click link )


Step 7 Adding the venue

Click in the box . “Create or find a venue” . Type vi (for example to find visapur fort) .


Click visapur fort in the list .

If your location is not in the list . create it by yourself .

Step 8 Select Organiser

Type in the group name .if it is already there in the list it will show . or click create

Step 9  Enter Event website

Event the payment website or your site where you want to take payments or just your site

Event website – can be your website or place you take payments for your event

Step 10  Event the cost of your event

₹ << copy this into your event symbol or use INR or Rs

Enter currency symbol ₹ 

Enter cost of event

Step 11 . Publish your event 

Scroll up to the top of the page . On the right hand side click publish the blue button



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