Steps for trek groups to apply to post on this site

    1. click login << and register  signin with gmail or facebook  site guide

    2. whatsapp us your group  details

    3. add your events(if you are approved ) 

    4. Add your events to the spreadsheet after we activate your account 

This is step 2

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Follow the steps on the site guide to register on this site

Note : All groups applying will not be given access to post their events unless they meet the qualification criteria.

1. Qualifications for trek groups  

  1. Group Name Your group has a  formal group name . (new groups applying)
  2. Number of Treks :- Your group must complete more than 10 local treks (after starting your group.Not when you were trekking as a trekker) on their Facebook page(new groups applying). Groups older than 2 years will be given preference.Trekkers with 10+ years experience known to mumbai hikers community may be given access for new groups they form. Photos for each/most of the treks done on their Facebook page .(new groups applying – even if you were part of other groups and are starting your own group )


Note :- Event if your group fulfills all the above criteria . We may not approve your group. IF

a) You have had problems with other group ,

b) You have negative feedback on social media

c) You do not consider mumbai hikers as a “friend” but as a business site and business transaction.

d) You have argued with mumbai hikers in the past about payment,other issues, .

e) You have posted against mumbai hikers on social media or have misunderstood what mumbai hikers values are and have posts online without contacting us first about any problem .

2. You need to email us your group details

You need to  whatsapp us your group  details

  1. Group Name(required)
  2. Group Email address(required)
  3. Group Website (optional)
  4. Facebook Page (optional)
  5. Number of treks done by group leader with group(required)
  6. Date Group Founded(required)
  7. Group Leaders Name (required)
  8. Group Leaders Contact Details (required)
  9. Trek Certification of Trek leader (NIM,firt aid etc) if any (optional)


3. Message us on whatsapp << click so we can activate your account after sending info in step 2.We will take some time to activate. Only if your group passes all the qualification in point 1. And also has had not fights or disagreements with mumbaihikers management in the past.


We are a private site and only take trekkers friends . For us friends matter more . That is why we have kept the site free and are bearing the expenses of the whole site personally .

4. After we activate your account please  read steps to add events   and post your event with all the steps

For those who are not approved post your events on

a. our forum this link









This will save you and mumbai hikers a lot of time .After your group is established . Then you can re-apply for membership

  1.  site guide
  2. steps to post events on this site
  3. Steps to add events to the site
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