1. click login << and register  signin with gmail or facebook  site guide

    2. fill your group details here steps to post events on this site

    3. add your events if you are approved read  >>Steps to add events to the site 

    4. if you are an individual or non approved group you can go to the forums to post your events


Follow the steps on the site guide to register on this site

For trek leaders you need to

  1. check if you meet our basic trek group criteria
  • Have a group with a formal group name . (new groups applying)
  • Have completed more than 2 local treks on their Facebook page(new groups applying)
  •  Photos for each/most of the treks done on their Facebook page .(new groups applying – even if you were part of other groups and are starting your own group )

2. You need to email us your group details

You need to send you details of your groups

3. Message us on whatsapp << click so we can activate your account after sending info in step 2.

4. After we activate your account please  read steps to add events 



  1.  site guide 
  2. steps to post events on this site
  3. Steps to add events to the site