Mumbai Hikers Meetups

Mumbai Hikers is planning to start regular meetups where trekkers can meet and share stories ,travel talks, slide shows of their trips, groups can share their upcoming events and tours at these meetups .Groups can share their travel brochures , their branded t shirts,books,badges ,trekking gear, hold workshops anything related to trekking .

Mumbai Hikers Meetups primary goal is to make the trekking community stronger by meeting offline.

Trek organiser from different parts of the city can suggest places close to them to hold monthly meetups.

  • Travel Talks by Travellers and Trekkers
  • Destination presentation by tour/trek operators
  • Skill Demonstration by adventure gear operators
  • Talk by the Maha Adventure Council
  • Eco and fort conservation talks
  • Details on Upcoming treks and trips
  • Open Mic
  • Other topics suggested by trek organisers at the pre event meetups.


  1. Trek organiser will suggest a location to mumbai hikers management.
  2. After personal meetup and finalization of cost and details of event .
  3. Pre event meetup with other trek and tour organisers. To finalise  meetups details .
  4. Treks Organiser will handle the coordination and management for the meetup .Mumbai hikers will help in spreading the event details in the trekking community .
Organiser Eligibility Process
To be eligible to host a mumbai hikers meetups . Groups need to meet certain criteria .
  1. Groups need to be mumbai hikers partners ,who are a) registered with mumbai hikers b) Have been known to mumbai hikers for more than 1 year. (we can always make exceptions for those we sense good vibes) [Good vibes is a slang phrase for the positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation.]
  2. Group founders need to have sufficient space to hold the meetups . Preferable spaces to hold 10-20 people for groups opting to hold small meetups .
  3. Groups can volunteer to hold free open meetups and talks in open spaces also for 10-20 people (inputs by krishna kuya – dga team)
  4. Groups who wish to hold formal meetups must have Spaces to hold 50-150 people for to hold larger travel meetups with formal schedule hosting travel stories , have a mic,overhead projector,access to a cafeteria etc. examples mamma kane dadar , other coworking spaces. 
  5. The approval for partners only is complete after a personal meetups with mumbai hikers and a visit by us to the facility. Also it depends on the enthusiasm we see from our partners which will decide on the approval. All mumbai hikers partners may not be approved to host meetups but they can join any meetups and help ,volunteer ,co partner after a meeting with us and the host of the meeting .
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