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    Dear trekking groups .

    This has been troubling us for a long time .
    And i want to put it out there for all trekkers and trekking groups .

    we believe in being professional and only focusing on our service to trekkers .We all have negative things we can improve on . So let us focus on that. A trekker only focuses on improving their quality of life and experience and once they become trek leaders they work on making the trekking experiences better for trekkers joining their groups.

    we do not believe, we should share another groups misfortune and negative trek experience . The sahyadris are harsh and misfortune can happen to the best of us . Also we should not brand a group “bad” due to their negative experience . “If” the group works to improve and sort out their bad customer experiences.


    The customer should make everyone aware of the bad experience,if the group refuses to acknowledge their shortcomings .The right way to complain listed below .

    The mountains are unforgiving and bad experiences today could happen to anyone in the future . And we should expect the same treatment for show others as we expect others to show us in bad times.

    Also putting down a group is not going to make the trekking community stronger. It is also not going to sort out the bad customer experience . In the mountains the only ones you can depend upon are the trekkers and trekking groups next to you. Please remember this .

    In life we can only improve our own self discipline and improve ourselves.Just like in the mountains .It is your choice if you want to take the left or right path in the mountains.The same way the way you decide to conduct yourself online and offline is your choice.

    Best of luck
    Team Mumbai Hikers


    Tips on the right way to complain for customers

    The customer should make everyone aware of the bad experience,
    if the group refuses to acknowledge their shortcomings and make a gesture to sort out the issues with the customer .

    Speaking up about a complaint and attaining a resolution makes customers feel empowered, assertive, effective, and resourceful. Which is good

    Complain the right way

    The customer should list their negative experience with facts on their facebook page or blog. You can post your complaint link on whatsapp or facebook to other groups only if the company/group has not attended to your complaint. do not post before you approach them directly .

    1. Complain so that what you say is effective, kind, and fair.
    2. Before you voice your dissatisfaction, identify exactly what you hope to gain.Be Specific About the Issue that You Want to Address.Be Very Clear On What You Want to Achieve
    3. Before you complain, get your anger under control. Yes, that’s difficult. And you may have a perfect right to be angry.Take the Emotion Out of It.State facts remove all other personal accusations .
    4. Make Sure that You’re Complaining to the Right Person.Identify the person who has the power to make the changes you seek

    How to Reply to Complaints tips For Trekking groups and tour groups

    Understand the meaning of a negative review

    First of all, let’s clear some things up about Negative reviews :

  • Negative reviews don’t mean your business is bad.Poor reviews can actually help your business.Negative reviews can create a buzz around your brand
    Negative publicity can increase product awareness because getting press for something negative can put you in the forefront of the consumers mind.Responding positively to negative reviews can actually increase sales for your business.
  • Trekkers know that no one is perfect, which is why trekkers value seeing honest feedback, even if it’s not all positive.
  • Resist the urge to remove negative reviews.
  • It’s natural to have some unhappy customers/trekkers, and posting your negative reviews shows you have nothing to hide.
  • It actually makes people trust your positive reviews even more.
  • 1.Respond quickly (within 24-48 hours):
    The customer thought it was important enough to post a public review, so treat it as urgent. Respond quickly, show that you’re in tune with customer feedback and that you’re an active participant in your business.

    2: Apologize

    You’re human just like anyone else, which means sometimes you’re going to mess up.

    And unfortunately, missteps, mistakes, or mess-ups can lead to negative reviews. Take a deep breath, walk off any initial irritation you may have, and try to reach the consumer outside of the review platform. Whatever you do, don’t retaliate. Lashing out at customers is a sure-fire way to lose business and ruin your reputation.

    What matters is you’ve demonstrated to the customer, and to anyone else reading the reviews, that you’re apologetic and dedicated to resolving mistakes as quickly and professionally as possible.

    3 Offer to make it right:
    Always offer to make your wrongs right. If someone was unhappy with their meal, invite them in for a free dinner on the house.IF they were not satisfied with a trek offer them the next trek they do with you free and do it ASAP.

    Many times, customers won’t take you up on your offer of a free trip, but it is important that you offer regardless — this shows future customers leads that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your customers happy and give them the best experience .

    Be authentic:
    Keep it real, conversational and honest, and your customer will appreciate it.
    Keep it polite:
    It’s important to take the high road when responding to negative reviews. Even if a customer posts a personal accusation as they are very angry and cannot control at that time , try to keep your response polite,diplomatic and aimed at solving the problem ie the customer’s dissatisfaction.

    Be sympathetic
    Empathize with the customer’s complaints. Saying “I’m sorry” or “I understand” can go a long way in making a customer feel like their opinion is valid (and valued).

    Contact the customer offline:
    Once you’ve responded publicly online, make an effort to contact the customer personally to prove it’s not all for show. Send them a message , email their Google address or call them/whatsapp them DM personally up to see how you can make it right.

    Understanding how to approach a negative complaint

  • Does your critic have a legitimate complaint?
  • Sometimes would it better to take these conversations offline? With a personal phone all/personal email/face to face meeting.
  • Only address legitimate concerns. Don’t let an online complainant draw you into personal accusations .
  • Thank reviewers for taking the time to bring bad experiences to your attention.
  • Let them know you pride yourself on excellent customer service and appreciate the opportunity to make things right.
  • Apologize when appropriate
  • Do not take responsibility for things that are not your fault or are out of your control (power cuts,floods,strikes,weather situations).
  • Always be direct and straight to the point. Leave no room for misinterpretation.
  • keep in mind, not every negative online review deserves a response.
  • Respond immediately or wait till your get all the facts?

  • Responding in the heat of the moment can often lead to bigger headaches down the line. Instead, take a moment to breathe and think it over.
  • Never lash out. Never get personal. Always keep it polite and professional, just as you would face to face.
  • If possible, search your records and speak with your colleagues about what occurred before crafting a response to the online review.
  • After your follow all the above points and still find the customers only agenda is to make you look bad,you need to stop and walk away. There are some battles you just can’t win.
  • compiled from

    How to Handle Negative Reviews and Keep the Online Bullies at Bay

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