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    We, members, Malabar Nature Conservation Club Amboli, have launched a
    conservation project called Project Amboli Toad in Amboli region and adjacent
    areas (Sadas, sadas are the lateritic rocky plateaus) where the species dwells predominantly. The
    goal of this project is conservation and preservation of a frog species, i.e. Amboli
    Toad (Xanthophrine tigerinus) and its habitats with involvement of local people.
    The species is critically endangered and endemic to Amboli- Chaukul region . As the species is under immense threat
    of extinction due to habitat loss, there is an urgent need to take steps for its
    conservation. If immediate steps are not taken, then we will lose an important
    frog species that contributes to ecology on an unfathomable level.
    Here we would like to appeal to all for little data contribution which would be a
    step ahead for the conservation of the respective species and its habitats. One
    can send in images ( if possible send with date , time & location ), videos.
    You can also write on Amboli Toad subject titled *OUR PRIDE..AMBOLI TOAD*

    Send Images , Videos , write-up on email id :
    Any quieres feel free to call / text / whatsapp on 8007121517, 9422343161

    A Warm Thank You.
    Team , MMCC Amboli.

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