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    Yesterday I saw few people playing loud music while trekking at Kalsubai. saw their badge and instead of interrupting i asked one of their group volunteer to make them stop it.

    His reply was ” wo nahi manenge, aur zyada discipline bhi acha nahi, they are here to enjoy let them be”

    i was take back by his casualness and attitude. still to avoid clashes i ignored for sometime. but that went on and i couldn’t take it. so i went to the participant and asked her ” maam can you please switch it off its not good to play loud music in mountains, it’s also disturbing other people who are here for peace”
    she just said “okay” and switched it off.

    That wasn’t difficult at all, even she understood but what was lacking here is that the guy didn’t even take and effort to stop or maybe so inclined towards the client that forgot the basics.

    maybe the trekking leader might not be the same but we should be teaching each and every volunteer or team members to make everyone follow some basic discipline while trekking.

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