Overcrowing on the Everest Mountain what is the solution?

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    Over Crowding on Everest


    If you study the reasons for the several deaths on Everest, Makalu and Kangchenjunga, most of the deaths were NOT due to accidents. They were due to exhaustion, exposure and/or shortage of oxygen (bottled). Two issues: a) Not adequate fitness and / or excess time spent in summit attempt (due to long queues) b) Lack of experience. This is a sad state of affairs. Everest is now a major tragedy waiting to happen with too many people congesting the camps and spread over the route. If, unfortunately an avalanche and/or storm hits the mountain (as it did a few years ago) it would cause devastating tragedy of deaths in large numbers!! WHAT CAN BE DONE????? Is it worth the risk? Are you really enjoying the mountains? Can the mountain take the impact of so many humans? IS THIS MOUNTAINEERING?? Can we do this differently? As a community of people who love the mountains, we need to give these issues a deep thought….
    Picture courtesy: Lydia Bradey [ First Woman to Climb Mt Everest Without Oxygen]

    — by Divyesh Muni‎ – The Himalayan Club


    death toll on different mountains above 8,000 m in the spring climbing season 2019

    1.  Ing Landgraf (Ernst) 65 from Austria breathed his last at the Second Step on Mt Everest
    2. Nihal Ashpak Bagwan (27), from Maharashtra, India breathed his last at Camp IV on Mt Everest on Nepal side
    3. Kalpana Das, 49 balcony area while descending from the summit point on Mt Everest
    4.  Anjali S Kulkarni, 54, from Mumbai, India breathed her last above Camp IV
    5. Biplab Baidya, 48,  Kuntal Karar 46, West Bengal, breathed their last above Camp IV on Mt Kanchenjunga
    6. Naik Narayan Singh (35) and Dipankar Ghosh (53) Nima Tshering Sherpa died while returning from the summit of Mt Makalu
    7.  Donald Lynn Cash 54 from Utah, US, breathed his last a few metres below the balcony area while returning from the summit point on Mt Everest
    8. Sean Lawless, 39 gone missing from the Everest death zone
    9. Richard Hidalgo was found dead on Mt Makalu
    10. odrigo Vivanco from Chile went missing above Camp IV
    11. Bulgarian climber Evan Yuriev Tomov died while descending Mt Lhotse
    12. Malaysian climber Wui Kin Chin  death zone on Mt Annapurna
    13. Phujung Bhote Sherpa of Makalu Camp II of Mt Cho Oyu
    14.  Kevin Hynes 56 from Galway, Ireland Camp III

    The Himalayan times



    Everest Route

    “I’m surprised more people haven’t died,” Chan added. “Some of the people I see up there look so out of place. They don’t know how to use the equipment. They have a Sherpa holding their hands. They don’t even have enough experience to know they are out of place. – Benjamin Chan 

    Chan hopes the Nepalese government will put in more regulations around Everest to make it safer


    माऊंट एव्हरेस्ट: पॅशन कि फॅशन

    माऊंट एव्हरेस्टवर ट्रॅफिक जॅम झाल्याने गिर्यारोहक १२-१२ तास अडकून पडले आणि त्यात काही उमद्या गिर्यारोहकांना जवळचा प्राणवायू संपल्यामुळे प्राण गमवावे लागले.

    माऊंट एव्हरेस्ट मोहिमेतून नेपाळमधील बऱ्याच जणांना रोजगार मिळतो तसेच नेपाळ सरकारलासुद्धा रॉयल्टीमधून (प्रतीव्यक्ती $११००० म्हणजेच अंदाजे आठ लाख भारतीय रुपये) चांगले उत्पन्न मिळते. जास्तीत जास्त नफा मिळवण्यासाठी चढाईसाठी आवश्यक हवामानाचा कालावधी कमी असतानासुद्धा ट्रॅफिकचा विचार न करता गिर्यारोहकांना वर चढण्यास परवानगी दिली गेली. यात नेपाळमधील व्यवस्थापन संस्थेची सर्वात मोठी चूक दिसतेय पण याला गिर्यारोहक सुद्धा जबाबदार आहे.

    एव्हरेस्ट सर केले म्हणजे सर्व काही केले असा घातक ट्रेंड गेल्या काही वर्षात आलेला आहे. आपली शारीरिक क्षमता किती याचा विचार न करता ‘पैसा फेको तमाशा देखो’ या उक्तीप्रमाणे तीस लाख रुपये टाका आणि एव्हरेस्ट करा असा हा आत्मघातकी ट्रेंड आहे.

    एव्हरेस्ट सर करण्याअगोदर भगवान चवलेने घेतलेले कष्ट आम्ही खुप जवळून पाहिलेत. गिरीप्रेमीचे उमेश झिरपे त्यांच्याकडील सहभागींची अशीच सर्वांगिण तयारी करून घेतात. परंतू सर्वचजण एवढी मेहनत करू शकतात का हा खुप महत्वाचा प्रश्न आहे. तसेच आपले हृदय आणि फुप्फुसे तेवढी कार्यक्षम आहेत का याचा तसेच स्वःच्या मानसिक क्षमतेचाही विचार गांभीर्याने केला पाहिजे.

    कोणाला कदाचित हे ‘कोल्ह्याला द्राक्षे आंबट’ असे वाटेल. भगवान मला एकदा म्हणालासुद्धा कि बापू तुम्ही एव्हरेस्ट करू शकता पण माझी शारीरिक क्षमता किती हे मला स्वतःला जास्त माहित आहे. त्यामुळे तो विचार मी कधीच आऊट केलाय.
    कोणालाही नाउमेद करायचा माझा अजिबात विचार नाही पण जगात जीवापेक्षा मोठे काहीही नसते अगदी ‘माऊंट एव्हरेस्ट’ सुद्धा नाही एवढेच मला सांगायचेय.

    बापू झुरंगे


    I don’t think mountains are dangerous. They can never be. They are meant to be loved, in return they give love and sometimes pain.
    We lost 4 mountaineers till yesterday to Mt.Everest this season. Everest has once again shown us our place in this world.
    Nihal was one of the fittest person I have ever come across. What happened yesterday shouldn’t have happend. Or it could have been controlled. He could have been brought down earlier if there was no traffic enroute.
    Someone has to take onus of these events.
    Was it the mistake of the participants who enrolled for summit this year?
    I don’t think so!
    They never knew they were going to summit with 350 other participants on a single day.
    Whatever the case maybe. How much ever window you get there should be a limit for number of people summiting per day.
    How do you expect people to wait for their turn in a dead zone. They are bound to get sick!
    We need to stop “Raping” everest like this every year.
    Today it was my friend. Tomorrow it could be yours.
    Nihal we love you. You will be missed forever. Whichever summit we do we will remember you. May your soul rest in peace. You were a fighter and we know you must have fought till the last breathe.
    You died while living your dream ❤️
    I request all the Esteem Mountaineers from India and From world to look into this.
    Let’s do something about this!  — Prajakta Paradkar


    The man who’s climbed Everest 24 times says traffic jams aren’t killing climbers, inexperienced guides are

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