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    Dear Trek Leaders

    This site is free there is no membership fees for all groups who pass step 2

    1. Follow the steps on the site guide to register on this site
    2. Treks leaders need to read steps to post events on this site
    3. Please note site still under development so you will keep seeing new features.

  migration time line 22.05.2019

    • running on dolphin will run till 30/04/2020 before being closed. paid members will continue till their end date
    • will be free and anyone can post their events and post in the forums after we approve them.This will being from 22.05.2019 and after 30/04/2019 become the main will run in beta till 30/04/2019 before becoming the main site for

    Please note :- this site is still under construction and beta. Please let us know of any issues you face 

    Q why is mumbai hikers changing their platform?

    Answer :- Since april 2019 we have been having problems with our site software. The site runs on dolphin software  and used to work great for the past 10 years. has now decided to focus on unity and not dolphin.

    Software Problems

    After some updates to the code started to give errors on 16th may the site crashed. So we had to do a site restore and the only restore which worked was from 30th april 2019. This made a lot of trek leaders lose their events.After 4 days we decided we should move to a new platform .we have been using wordpress for and we have many many sites with wordpress.

    Memory and Platform cost

    mumbaihikers dolphin took a lot of resources and for which we had to make it a paid site.

    Other Reasons

    we also found we had to reject a lot of trek groups who were tour group or groups who could not/did not want to pay the membership free.

    We ran free for the past 10 years . But it was not meant for posting events as it runs on was very difficult to find weekly events on was to share pure trekking related information. has the capiblity of being a free community and also an event managerment site. We paid for the event plugin so it gives trekkers weekly and daily event lists and also allows trek leaders to post recurring events only .(on dolphin trekkers has to post recurring events for each week manually)

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