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    kotahligad alcohol

    Maza kalcha anubhav Kothaligad cha asach aahe.Kal ek group mala gadvar chadtanaa disla te daru piyun var chadat hote ani khup mothya mothya awjat nako te ordat chale hote
    Tyana mi adun bolo tumhi daru piyun aahat var jau naka ani aawaz Karu nakat

    Gadavar daru piun janayat ani Kiva kutalhi vasan karnayat parwangi Nahi Chakaka tya lokani ek line waprli Tu kon hotos jar amahla gavatunach khalun daru milte tar Tula Kay prblm aahe

    Hi gosta ghadtana gavatil loka pan bagaht Hoti te manata ki amahi Kay karaanr tumhich bagaha Kay te Ambivali gavatil permit room madun loka daru piyun var janyacaha pramn khup wadley Kay solution aahe Ka hyavar

    Report came to us from trek leaders . Still need to verify from where they are getting alcohol near the fort? where is this permit room?

    Tandulwadi alcohol usage

    Mid way through we met a group of people descending. On our inquiry we understood they were parked on the hill since the last morning. They partied above having DJ and utensils along to prove the same. Some couldn’t even hold back the hangover. Did ring a bell.

    When we reached the summit, with open arms welcomed us the thrash, Bottles, wrappers etc. The leftovers of the fun last night. It did not surprise us, as this is the regular scenario where we collect the thrash above and bring it along to put in the trash bin. (whatever we can with the limited resources).


    named Hotel Sonakshi just before the Koraimata Hotel. This new hotel is specious but only worst part is it has *Bar* and drinkers group sits just beside you.
    So think twice before placing the order. This Bar can be deal breaker for your upcoming Treks


    Yesterday witnessed a dramatic religious nuisance at bhimashankar all the way from ganesh ghat.. people from all over the country trekked throughout the day to stay at bhimashankar for today’s auspicious monday..
    Many people were drunk and started the trek with drinking in groups from Khandas. Bottles were found halfway up in the trail too.. some other were found smoking weed during the trek.

    It was a day of tolerance for our little group of trekkers until I found 1 guy trying to uproot a midsize tree.. when I shouted at him to stop, they told me that they need a walking stick.. I asked them to pick up from jungle and not to break young trees.. but they didn’t listen..

    My question is why the authorities are so focused in a couple of places like andharban, devkund, while they turn a blind eye to other crowded place which invites religious crowd through a forest sanctuary , drinking, smoking, shiting, uprooting trees..
    I didn’t find a single forest or police officer their..

    received on whatsapp


    Yesterday at Naneghat they charge 10 rupee entry still people going and having alcohol near the waterfall as a picnic no one to stop them

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