Mumbai Hikers First meetup november 2019 concludes

We started planning in october 2019 to hold a mumbaihikers meetups after a meeting with travel buffs founder Jaydeep.

We than had a meetup at ccd dadar on 8th october 2019 to plan and see how many were interested

We decided to hold the meetups on 20th nov 2019  as we could not get space in dadar the location was moved to travel trikon office at ghatkopar


Meetups 20th november 2019
We met at the Travel trikon office arranged by the founder of travel trikon Manoj kalwar .Manoj arranged hot sweet eat for each of us.


  • Jayant Dofey – 29028adventurer – Ex Air force and Defence Adventure /Survival Experts represented Services Team.

Jayant Dofey talked about commando training ,survival skillsfor the youngsters .He also talked about safety, unity and other issues faced at the base villages .

Kavita talked about travelling to georgia the weather,food,cost of stay, transport options.

Manoj talked about meghalaya and arunachal pradesh,nagaland  ,gokarna,yana caves the weather, transport, if permit was needed,number of days ,cost .How the rann of kutch was affected due to climate change.

Jaydeep talked about the chadar trek in ladakh, the preparation for the trek, the cost .

Bhaskar Badad talked about the three types of visitors to harishchandragad .The trekker who never litters and the picinic visitors who will never listen when you tell them not to throw garbage. How there is unity in harishchandragad compared to other base villages . How the villages got together and stopped paper plates ,drunkards and others after stopping climbing for 3 days .

Gopal talked about the services he provides at peth,sondai and other spots .

Nazir is a hard core trekking who has done many himalayan treks and sahyadri treks with various groups. He told us we finds the mumbaihikers trekking calendar very useful . He know 60 different routes to matheran from various points like monkey point, one tree hill etc.

Dipesh talked about taking school students to forts to teach them history ourside the history books. He found that there was more to learn from the outdoor than in the books. He also told trek leaders to share their concerns and feedback with MAC so everyone could benefit ,HE is helping MAC with thier site and other departments . It will be easier for mumbaihikers to collaborate with MAC with dipesh no onboard.

Mumbai hikers meetups learnt a lot from this meetups and we hope to implement it in our future meetups .