Beginners guide to trekking in maharashtra

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Before you begin you must know your fitness levels. As trekking involves walking for 3-4 hours at times on an incline .

  1. Checkup with a doctor

If you are above 35 years get your self checked by your family doctor ie blood pressues,knee ,cardio (threadmill/ecg) . Most people do not but it is advisable.

   2.  Start with easy level 

Go for camping events, river rafting events and easy grade treks  in the start.

Easy trek Fitness  If you can walk for 1-2 hours and do not get tired ,can walk up to 6th Floor in the building without any pain and breathing problems. 

Medium Grade Trek Fitness  If you can walk for 3-4 hours , can run for 30-1 hr on the threadmill with a slow constant pace with breaks ,And do 2-3 times stair in the building till 6th floor. 

Hard Grade Fitness  Have no knee problem ,can do regular weekly treks, have done basic rock climbing course .


3. Clothes and shoes 

Trekking Shoes 

There are trekkers in the sahyadris who trek with sandles ,slippers etc. But if you are a city person get a good pair of shows like action trekking shoes 849-1200 rs, crt trekking shoe 1400 rs    You can also go for quecha trekking shoes or any good sports shoe with a good drip .this is very important in the rainy season.

action trekking shoes
Campus (by Action) Men’s T941 Synthetic Sport Shoes
₹ 949.00 – ₹ 1,045.00

Add-Gear CTR Trekking Shoes
₹ 1,199.00 – ₹ 1,399.00

Clothes for trekking

Cotton Tshit and track pants are the basic. Or costlier dri fit t shirts and full sleeve tshirts and a cotton tshirt over them . This will help protect against thorns and other insects on the way up to the fort.

Trekking Gear Shops

If you still have doubts on what to buy . visit the Trekking Gear Shops in Mumbai  like MSA borivali, Add Adventure Navi mumbai who are run by trekkers with many years experience.


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