About Mumbai Hikers

we decided to make this page to make things clear to trekkers and well wishers on mumbai hikers strengths and capabilities and what services mumbai hikers  cannot do.

मुंबई हायकर्स बद्दल http://tiny.cc/ws0ghz

मुंबई हायकर्स बद्दल

About Mumbai Hikers

  • Mumbai Hikers team is an online team only . Our skill are running online sites and communities. Personally we are hikers (meaning ” to walk  a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, “) . So personally do solo and easy trips and treks these days.
  • Mumbai hikers community has been running since 2005.
  • Mumbai Hikers does not conduct any treks and trips.
  • Mumbai hikers does not charge trek group and tour organisers for posting their events on our site since 2019 .( we used to charge 1000 rupees/year for server charges from 2016 to 2019).
  • Any other skill or services is not available from us .

Questions and Anwers


 questions about fort conservation and behaviour on forts 

Ans Please contact the

1.  ASI

Office of The Superintending Archaeologist
Archaeological Survey of India,
Mumbai Circle
Sion Fort, Sion (E), Mumbai 400022
Phone: 022– 24078266
Web : asimumbaicircle.com
mail : [email protected],[email protected]

2. Fort Conservation Ngos 

3. For govenrment policy changes

contact maha adventure council 


For Policy discussion on trekking and tours 

contact maha adventure council 

For Complaints against trekking groups 

You can contact MAC policy makers 

Mumbai hikers has no connection or dealing with trekking groups .


Kindly whatsapp us for any other feedback




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