About Us

2005 – 2008

Mumbai Hikers was started in 2005,when a friend (mayura mantri) of the founder (navin kurian) asked him to suggest a list of treks for the next week. After searching the net . He decided to start a list of treks for each week on blogger/blogspot.

2008 – 2010

After a few years treks groups started by college students and other contacted the founder and help share their events on the list.By 2008 the trekking spiriti boomed and more groups were formed. Trek leaders from existing groups started forming their own groups. Navin invited the more experienced groups to post on the blog as the workload had increased a lot .sameer lele came on board in 2009


We bought the domain mumbaihikers.org . Blogspot was not suitable for maintaining the events. So we moved to dolphin by boonex . This served us till 2019.

We tried out an online gear store and online booking in 2014 before amazon had online gear on their stores. but it did not work out as the logistics was too difficult and costly . Also with a 1% margin and the govt increasing the tax in 2104 made it unviable and it was shut down in 2015 .

The dolphin site was unsustainable on the founders own funds . So mumbai hikers started a paid site with 1000 rupees per year from 2016 . Even this was too costly for many groups and a few argued on the cost. The domains mumbaihikers.com and mumbaihikers.net was purchased around 2010


In 2019 june the boonex who developed dolphin decided to focus on una and it was too costly as the cost was in dollars. Also the software updates was making the site unstable. The hosting company zarconia (later acquired by boonex)  suddenly decided to shut and gave a months time to move . We Moved to the cloud on tmdhosting. After 2-3 crashes and the hosting companies backup being corrupted. The founder had a hard dilemma. Should we continue or just shut down?As years of data was unportable .  But we knew too many groups 60+ and many trekkers depended on our site to get updates . We have seen the groups growing from a part time job to full time jobs and helps many families come up in life.

June 2019

So the founder decided to move to wordpress(this site) and make the site free and pay for all hosting and software charges from his own funds. This also helped get a lot of non profit groups back on the site .

Note : Mumbai hikers does not conduct treks . We found organising treks was not our cup of tea. Also we do not take any comission or anything else from trekking groups .All payments by trekkers are made directly to trekking groups whose numbers are listed on the events on the spreadsheet. We silently help a lot of local groups and ngos free of cost with social media or technical support.

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